Tuesday Tipplers

May 12, 1987


The May meeting, held at Andersons, was attended by Richard, Frank,  Ron and Trevor (with assistance from Lorna and Sue ).


The minutes of the April meeting, still within the noggin of Lobb, were faithfully promised for September.


Richard reported the opening of the Club bank account but at the time still had  no cheques.


Items of general business (and philosophy) were discussed over a sample of a "white Zinfandel" from Cribrari - $5.50.  Enjoyed by all except Richard who however redeemed himself by presenting some interesting information on "Vintage Wines and Spirits Ltd.", an independent importing outfit in Toronto.


The tasting consisted of the following brown bagged Chardonnays.


1.  "Blanc Chaumettes"

            Bourgogne Chardonnay                        $10.85


2.  "Jekel Vineyard"

            California Chardonnay                            12.40


3.  "Wente Bros."

            California Chardonnay                              8.95


4.  "Stephen Zellerbach"

            California Chardonnay                            18.35


5.  "Leon Palais Chardonnay:                              10.35


6.  "Duc de Bourgogne"

            Bourgogne Chardonnay                          12.95


These wines were all available at regular L.C.B.O.  Unfortunately at the time no Australian Chardonnay was available.


The French wines were considered comparatively poor value for the price.  While the "Wente Bros." was the best buy.


The highest priced was acceptable but not entirely worth the price.


By the time #6 was tasted Lee correctly guessed French and Lobb guessed it was white.


The remainder of the evening faded into oblivion with port and dessert.



I. Anderson



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