February 10, 1987 

A meeting was organized at Andersons for the purpose a starting a "Wine Tasting Club". Present were Lee, Lobb, Eakins, Flanagan and Anderson. Heizer was unable to attend.

The following was general agreed to:

    Each of the six would invite one other member.

    The Club would meet the second Tuesday of the month, excluding July and August.

    Annual dues would be $200,00, from which the cost of the tastings would be taken.

    Spare money could go towards establishing a Club cellar and or an annual dinner

    A suitable name for the Club and a President, Secretary and Archivist would be duly chosen.

    The Secretary was to open a bank account in the Club name.


The spirit of the intending Club was established by proceeding to sample a selection of Cabernet Sauvignon wines from California, Italy, France, South Africa and Australia.


At the conclusion of the evening the conclusion was that much future practice was going to be in order.


Next meeting was set for Lee's in March.


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