Tuesday Tipplers

October 11, 1988



The October 1988 meeting was hosted by Eakins on Tuesday, October 11th.  Apologies were received from Ian and on behalf of Frank, all other members were present.  Our President was (typically) last to arrive necessitating a very rapid catch up with the non-tardy members.


The wines consumed were as follows:


Cabernet D'Anjou (1986) - $6.35

This was a well received started.  A chilled "rose" which most thought pleasant and suitable for summer drinking whilst relaxing on the patio.


Mission Santotomas (1981) - $10.20

"Good nose" initially, but a bit thin thereafter, not following through on its initial promise.  It was confusing as to its origin, beginning in France, moving to Italy and ending close to source in the New World.  There was a lot of surprise as the country of origin was revealed as Mexico.


Montrose "Fume Blanc" (1985) - $10.85

"Flinty, "flat champagne", nobody was impressed and wished us to press on.  It was thought to have originated in either Italy or Portugal.  It was considered to be a disappointing import from Australia.


Garrafeira Imperial "Vinho Tinto" (1978) - $10.30

"Bad nose" but better follow, thought to be either the pinot noir grape or a Chilean burgundy.  Could also be French and expensive.  Portugal was not considered.


Carta de Oro "Rioja" (1985) - $7.75

"Yeasty taste", "repulsive".  Greek or (hopefully not) Californian.  Our illustrious President blew it, failing to identify the "white Rioja" he has been seeking at previous meetings.


Hungerford Hill "Cabernet Sauvignon) (1983) - $10.00

Accurately identified as Australian by John "Great Nose" (considered second to none by mine host) who violently opposed adverse criticism of this wine.  Well rated by all except Trevor who could take it or leave it.  It was noted that he did not throw much away.


Antinori "Orvieto Classico-Abbocato" (1986) - $6.50

All members were upset feeling they were being given cider or perry.  "Could be Canadian!" a major disappointment to all.


After this there was some discussion on the mundane issues of elections and hospital CEOs, the archivist was asked to ensure that in five years we assess the respective performances of: -

            Our new Federal Government

            The new CEO at Victoria

            The new CEO at St. Joseph's


The schedule of future meetings was discussed, the following was suggested:

    September ---------------- Peter

    October ------------------ Steve

    November ---------------- Keith

    December ---------------- Ron


    January ------------------- Trevor

    February ------------------ Tony

    March --------------------- El Presidente


The meeting finished with coffee and desserts prepared by Averil.  The poached pear recipe being modified from a recipe of Elle Presidente.  As cheapskate Eakins was not drinking there was no further alcohol served!


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