Tuesday Tipplers

April 11, 1989


The late President Lee, not to be confused with Robert E., managed to break away from an exotic table hosted by Sinbad the Hojo to join the Tipplers in waiting: Anderson, Batson, Black, Finnie, Flanagan and Lobb at Heizer's still for sale house. Regrets were received from Abbott, Eakins and Holiday.


El Presidente immediately got into the spirit of the evening and then promptly changed course and opened business discussions. Most of what he said was little noted nor long remembered except that the Tipplers have chosen June 2nd and the Petite Prince as time and place for the 1989 food and drink extravaganza. Details to follow.


The Tipplers palate was prepared by a cool golden offering from a delightfully decorated pasteboard 3 litre cubitainer (printed in Canada's two official languages) of Colio Extra Dry, Essex County white wine (LCBO $17.95). The handsome container was devilishly hidden in the fridge and way from roving eyeballs. Comments ranged from 'bad' to 'not bad' to 'oily but OK' summer slurp.


The tasting commenced. Five bottle of Medoc in bags of brown nestled in the corner. We began with Chateau Castera 1979. Flanagan started the wheel by declaring it was probably a red rioja (50% correct). Black said it needed breathing but did not state whether the wine or Flanagan. Ian said that it would not be his first choice (?). Keith and the Pres mused that it was probably French. -- maybe a Bordeaux. The balance of the Tipplers mumbled something about pale, flat and cabso (sounds like an uninteresting rendezvous with an ugly).


The second jug was La Tour Seran 1979. The group was in now in near harmony claiming a better colour and finish. There was mild opposition stating: Tastes like fish (Flanagan); Welch grape juice (Anderson);  and Itsa Chianti ! (Lobb). Finnie thought it to be some kind of Bordeaux.


The next was a La Tour St. Bonnet 1983. A general opinion of a better wine, although Ross noticed a lack of balance, and thought it might be a Provence. Trev, Peter and Richard began to zero in on the possibility of a Cotes du Rhone lurking in the sacks. Keith stuck to his guns and opined it to be a 'funny Bordeaux'. Ian thought it was Greek.


The Tipplers were beginning to smoke with the fourth, a Châteaux DuPlessis Fabre 1983 (Vintages $11.65). It was nearly unanimous that France was the origin of the evening grape. The Tipplers were split between Bordeaux and Cotes du Rhone. Most thought this one to be relatively young and a bit short of tannin.


The final bottle was a Châteaux Le Becale 1978. By far the favorite of the evening with #3 in close proximity. Comments included, good colour, nose, balance and finish. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, the constitutes of Medoc were identified. This wine has been available from Vintages and may still be on the shelf.


The evening ended with a fine Malmsey Medeira (Opimian), sweets and Coffee ...... and narry an offer on Heizer's house.


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