Tuesday Tipplers

December 11, 1989


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The Tipplers last meeting of 1989 took place on December 11, 1989 at the Batson household.


Present were: Messrs. Abbott, Anderson, Black, Finnie, Flanagan, Heizer, Lee and Lobb


The business session was held over a 1987 Bavi by Umberto Fiori which failed to impress anybody, Upon opening, it had a fine fragrant nose which immediately disappeared, it then became thin , flabby, slightly skunky Gavi. Definitely not worth $9.95


The tasting was divided into two parts. Each consisting of a mini vertical tasting. The first wines consisted of three Chateau Puyfromage; one from 1982, 1984 and 1986 (Total cost $24.00). The comments ranged as follows:


a)    1982 - "light" "a fully mature inexpensive claret". The wine had a soft finish and the consensus was that it

        was at the end of its life, but very pleasant.


b)    1984 - This wine was disappointing, had a very chemical nose, lacked balance, and seemed to be very

        acidic. Definitely not a keeper nor worth purchasing.


c)    1986 - This was a clean, fresh, young claret. A number of people suggested that it could be compared to

        a Coté Du Rhone or a lighter Burgundy. The consensus was that it was an attractive wine but would not

        have any substantial keeping power. It is worthwhile for drinking now.


The second part of the tasting were three Chateau LaGarde; 1979 ($4.00), 1984 ($17.50), 1985 ($19.00).


a)    1979 - Chateau LaGarde was well balanced but had a sweet finish. The judgment of the group was that it

        probably had a little time left and that it was well preserved for a 1979.


b)    1984 - Was unattractive to the nose, somewhat cloudy in appearance, not particularly well balanced, (was

        light on tannin) in the view of the group, it was not worth acquiring.


c)    1985 - Was seen to be well balanced, had the full fruit and flavour, probably had the potential to age and

        we felt it was worth the possibility of considering for a lay down.


Subsequent to the vertical tasting an Australian Woodstock MacLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 1985 ($17.65) was tasted as a comparison to the six Bordeaux. The Woodstock came across like a "trollop". Very full bodied, easy, forward wine. There was some question as to whether it was a keeper but it was so different and overpowering after the Bordeaux that is was difficult to assess.


At this point in the evening it was suspected that the label and the 1984 and 1985 Chateau LaGarde may have been switched so when we were tasting the 1984 we might have been tasting the 1985 and vice versa. After this revelation, considering the clear distinction which we had found between the '84 and '85 in our initial tasting, we all went back to ascertain if the clear distinctions noted were to benefit the '84 or '85. The conclusion was that we couldn't tell - which left the initial assessment somewhat in doubt.


The final wine of the evening was a Australian Woodridge Sauterne Rhine Riesling 1985 ($13.40). This was a very fruity desert wine, almost like a peach liqueur, we found none of the characteristics of the Riesling grape and in fact were somewhat put off by the powerful peachy flavour in the wine. Nobody felt that there was any possibility of this wine getting better or more sophisticated. It was an interesting wine but nobody felt it had potential for a Cellar.


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