Tuesday Tipplers

February 13, 1989


Due to conflicting engagements and the Vintages, LCBO sale, the February meeting was held on Monday at Abbott's. Those in attendance were; Anderson, Batson (Inaugural Meeting), Black, Eakins, Finnie, Flanagan, Heizer, Lee and Lobb. Holliday phoned his regrets.


We all brought bottles of our choosing from the LCBO or Vintages sale. Lobb brought his camper stocked with many selections. Batson raised a point of order concerning Eakins communication skills.


The tasting commenced with a:


    1983 Gaibacher Schlofspark - $14.70

    Considered past its prime


We then went on to:


    1986 Shafer - $12.35 (Heizer)

    A nice summer slurping wine


    1985 Morgan - $12.00 (Lee)

    Light, not what was expected


    1984 Agontano Gorofoli - $11.65 (Flanagan)

    Not much tannin lighter than expected


    1985 Terres Blanches - $8.30 (Lobb)

    Majority gave approval


    1981 Domaine du Bourdac - $9.45 (Batson)

    Ready to drink - nice fruity taste.


    1982 Chateau Pegredon (Anderson)

    Not ready, needs more time


    1985 Chateau St. Georges - $19.30    (Lee)

    Ready now or next 2-3 years


In summary, I believe we all felt that the LCBO was not giving away any bargoons. The group rounded out the evening with a hazelnut torte, lemon cake and coffee.


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