Tuesday Tipplers

March 21, 1989


The Tipplers convened rather late in the month because of the Spring Break, and so we may assume, somewhat thirstier than usual. Regrets received from Messrs Batson and Heizer, who, in their absence, were volunteered for the November and April tastings respectively. Members in attendance: Anderson, Abbott, Black, Finnie, Eakins, Flanagan, Holliday, Lee, Lobb.


The tasting Calendar was planned:


April             Heizer

May             Dinner

June             Anserson

September   Black

October       Finnie

November    Batson

December    Eakins


Since Lee had recently visited Italy, he decided, rather hazardously to have a tasting of the wines of that country to see if he could remember anything about it. As the evening wore on, it was patently obvious that he couldn't. We started with a white Bianchello del Metauro, which he found in his baggage on return. The Tipples at least had to agree on tasting that they wouldn't have remembered it either. A Vernaccia di San Gimignano, from the town of the same name was next. This golden, rather heavy wine was said to be the favourite tipple of one of Michaelangelo Buanorotti, and the members certainly felt somewhat Sistine about it, i.e. they would have painted lying down after five or six bottles. This particular one, S. Quirico, is available at Vintages for $9.30.


We moved from Tuscany to Sicily for the next wine, a rosso, Corvo di Duca de la Salparuta. The wine embodies the newer methods of southern Italian wine making, which is essentially to make it quick and clean instead of leaving it in the sun all day. Members agreed that this seemed to be a good thing, and all enjoyed it, which is available oat the LCBO at $8.90. A Vino Nobile di Mantepulciano Riserva 1983 by Bigi impressed everyone, even the length of its name, or price at $10.10 from the LCBO. We then tasted two Rubescos, which are wine made by the highly respected (for the lire he's accumulated) Mr. Lungarotti. We tasted a 1985, LCBO $8.30 and thought it sulphurous and nasty, but then treated ourselves to the Riserva 1973 which was generally enjoyed but mainly because they weren't paying $41.90 for it.


However, the highlight of the evening was the 'deesserto vino' and important personal import from the supermarket liquor store in beautiful uptown San Marino, the truly unforgettable Moscato di San Marino. This is positively the worst wine the Tipplers have ever had foisted on them and was only made palatable by the Tiramisu that Susan served to rescue the evening.


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