Tuesday Tipplers

May 9, 1989


The May merriment of the Tipplers was held at Andersons on Tuesday 9th 1989. Regrets were received from Tipplers Black, Eakins, Finnie and Heizer.


A Financial Report and up-date on the Annual Dinner, arranged for June at Auberge, was delivered, in his own inimitable fashion, by El Presidenté Lee.


The subject of the evening was the enigmatic ZINFANDEL. The once, but not recently as, popular grape is hopefully about to see a resurgence in interest particularly with the introduction of the white Zins and Blushers.


The traditional sipper-intro was suitably one of the latter.


    1986 Kenwood Sonoma $12.50


Fresh pleasant summer sipper but not worth the nearly double price of the comparable CRIBARI which is much more available.


The real wines were tasted in the following order selected as representative of both vintage and region of origin.


1986 Shenandoah Vineyards Amador County $12.50

1984 Burgess Napa Valley $13.55

1983 Ridge Howell Mountain $12.50

1980 Clos Duval $14.00

1978 Pedroncelli Sonoma $15.00


All of these wines were unanimously considered to be of excellent quality and very representative of the red Zins. There were plenty rich aromas of fruit and the wines were full bodied with an ample complexity of interesting flavours. The Zinfandels are reputed to be long lasting but probably most drinkable at five to six years. This was certainly the experience of the tasting in as much as the Burgess and Shenandoah were considered to be the outstanding wines.


The evening culminated with cheesecake, coffee and Elysium 1985 Californian Black Muscat. (Elysium - Greek for Paradise) Manufactured by Quaady, who also makes an equally delicious Zinfandel Port, this was found to be a very pleasant after dinner drink.


The assembled company thus dispersed to dreams of paradise or beds of passion with the exception of the President who departed to breathe upon an unfortunate child about to receive a heart transplant (and a concomitant first hangover)!


                    Respectfully submitted,


P.S.    Lee almost died and the kid almost lived!!!!!


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