Tuesday Tipplers

November 14, 1989


A small gathering met at the Eakins' consisting of  Ron, Trevor, Ian, Peter, Steve and Averil. the evening began with a bottle of Fume Blanc (Buena Vista Wasson Vineyard, $14.25). This was considered only "fair" & "Definitely overpriced", "not worth over $10.00". Needless to say a disappointment to mine host who reckoned he might only be paid $10.00.


It had been decided to restrict the number of wines to four because of the reduced attendance. An unknown common theme was stated by mine host and the first brown bagged bottle was produced.


Givry - 1983 - Louis Latour - $19.50

After one slurp the Flan accurately identified the grape as 'Pinot Noir'. Lots of rubber boots and barnyard in the noise. Taste delivery was poor. Another example of disappointment with a wine from mother France, also considered "overpriced".


Chateau Benoit - 1982 - Oregon Pinot Noir - $14.75

Much better than the first wine, better taste, fare nose, a much superior wine. Allot of surprised looks when it's identity was revealed. Still considered a bit pricey.


California Pinot Noir - 1978 - Louis M. Martini - Priceless!

Great nose but had a port like taste, appeared to be holding up well although perhaps starting down the hill. Was enjoyed by all, none was left! This bottle had been brought back from the U.S. in or around 1981. It had been lying down since then and was just remembered in time.


Pinot Noir reserve - 1986- Inniskillin - $13.00

A very surprising wine, it was not considered to be Canadian. Its character (both nose and taste improved rapidly with passage of time).


The evening finished with coffee and desert supplied by Averil. No more drink was produced and it was felt we had done well and Steve was too lazy to open another bottle!


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