Tuesday Tipplers

December 10, 1991


Event: Cabernet sauvignon - with one exception


The Wine List:


1. 1985 Vina Tarapaca - Chile                                     $6.95

2. 1983 Michelton - Australia                                       $9.85

3. 1982 Raymond - California, USA                            $24.00

4. 1981 Torres Gran Coronas - Black Label, Spain      $28.00

5. 1985 Chateau St. Michelle - Washington, USA        $30.00

6. 1983 Brane Cantenac (Margaux) - France                $45.00

        70% Cabernet Sauvignon

        17% Merlot

        13% Cabernet Franc


The event was launched with a random selection from the list above - some of our more discerning Tipplers, particularly those who had read the wine list, were immediately able to conclude that we were indeed tasting a cabernet sauvignon wine and a notable one at that. Very early in the tasting, both Australia and California seemed to be receiving considerable attention with respect to some very obvious native contributions - these two countries being regarded as a relatively safe haven during a cabernet sauvignon tasting. The threat of a Chilean cabernet on the palate seemed to persist throughout the tasting and many, your writer included, were hard pressed to credit it with its origin even upon its ultimate identification - the Chilean cabernet was lush with an abundance of fruit and seemed to lack the usually discernable Chilean "flavour". Few had difficulty detecting Bordeaux's more obvious contribution, the Brane Cantenac (lots of fruit, tannins fading but still with wonderful "character"), most were audible in their appreciation of Washington's St. Michelle (the evenings opener) and probably all would have considered the committing of minor sins to acquire more of the '81 Torres Gran Coronas for future more lengthy and personal consideration. In conclusion, with only cab. dregs to contemplate, a '66 Andresen Port relished and a '75 Quinto do Junco Port sampled by those more stalwart (read not driving), all retired, satisfied with yet another successful contribution to the respective educations.

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