Tuesday Tipplers

May 14, 1991


The May meeting was held chez Anderson sur le swamp.


Since the evening was unseasonably warm and the featured wines were from the Southern Hemisphere the initial Tippler thirsts were slaked with a touch of the Aussie brew in the form of "Triple X Export" and "Swan Lager"


Those not inclined to the export or larger (none) sampled, as did those inclined to the export or lager, a glass of the Sheila persuader or medium priced sparkler "Sir James" (Thomas Hardy $13.45). the feeling was that while it might, with a bit of luck, have persuaded a Sheila it could not persuade any of the Tipplers to buy any more.


Treasurer Lee reported that the kitty stood at approximately $1250 minus three tastings and two sets of minutes. Member Batson is to advise the group as to possible methods of making the Annual Dinner tax deductible, The least that any bean-counting member could do for the comrades. The noble President reported on the likely tab for the Dinner ---- an estimated $250 per couple. A mere flesh wound!


Future Meetings were agreed to as follows:


    June               Ron

    September     Peter

    October         Aleck

    November     John

    December      Frank

    January          John B.

    February        Ross

    March            Tony

    April              Keith

    May               Trevor

    June               Richard


Suggestions were made that the tasting at Ron's should be on a "bring your own jug" basis. P.S. (Ron carried it to the extreme since he never had a tasting and instead we all had to taste our own jugs in our own homes.)


The humble (I think I should say humbling) tasting consisted of six simple Aussie whites all readily available in either Vintages or the LCBO. The original bottles were exhibited for inspection and the challenge was to match the wine to bottle (grape variety).


The wines were:


1) 1988 Chateau Tahbilk Marsanne           $10.80 LCBO

2) 1988 Rosemont Estate Semillon            $18.60 Vintages

3) 1989 Tisdall Chennin Blanc                   $12.62 Vintages

4) 1987 Houghton Chardonnay                 $13.40 Vintages

5) 1989 Lindemans Sauvignon Blanc         $7.95 LCBO

6) 1988 Kies Estate Semillon Sauvignon    $14.00 Vintages


The results were ---- astounding to say the least! The best - 2 out of 6 - Ron - the phantom of the oenophiles. The rest zip! Strangely enough Flanagan, thought to have been in Ireland, turned in a score sheet as well. Still zip! Embarrassment was such that the sheets have been stored, for the purpose of future blackmail, in the Anderson safety deposit box. The real extent of the consternation was illustrated by some embers accusing the host of willfully or otherwise mixing up the proper sequence of presenting the wines. Tut! Tut! The Lindemans was felt to be the "best buy" and the Semillon a marvelous Chardonnay. 


The evening ended with desert, coffee and a rather pleasant Australian Sauternes. De Bortoli Botrytis Semillon $21.40 a half.

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