Tuesday Tipplers

November 12, 1991

A Bit of Burgundy


"I don't think I like Pinot Noir" said a Tippler one night.


"Apart from one that tastes like cold tea, these are all pretty good wines" said another Tippler (perhaps the same one?) on the night of November 12 when a collection of red burgundies were served to the gathered masses.


The warmer upper was a 1978 over production Puligny Montrachet from Remoissenet, which didn't show as well as it should have. One member who has a few bottles of this wine said it was too cold. Perhaps. Or maybe the Tipplers palates were too cold. In any case, more recently tasted, this wine proved to be a incredible buy (about $18.00 US in Rochester) and we wish we had gallons of it.


The wines for the tasting were, in order of vintage:


1981 Clos de la Roche - lots of berries but a bit acid on the finish, not a bad bottle of wine from a mediocre year. Black correctly identified this wine.


1979 Echezeaux - this is the cold tea wine, not particularly liked by anyone, acidic, tannic, not much fruit. Black correctly identified this wine.


1978 Gevry Chambertin - wonderful, fruity, but still a little closed in as most '78's tend to be. A lovely wine from one of Burgundy's greatest years. Black correctly identified this wine.


1973 Vosne Romanee - while '73 was not a great year, this wine was fully mature and still showing all its fruit with elegance and grace. Typical Pinot with lots of berries and a little barnyard on the nose, full taste and a good, long finish. Black correctly identified this wine.


1967 Echezeaux - this was another over production wine from Remoissenet, also from Rochester. Again a fully mature, and very typical older Burgundy, a little lighter that the Vosne Romanee but still a most elegant wine -- a great example of the value to be found in these over production Burgundies.  Black correctly identified this wine.


Black made no apologies for the accuracy of his nose and attributed his success to the fact that Anderson had not had a chance to screw around with the labeling of the decanters. Be that as it may, dessert was served with a Greek dessert wine of questionable value (too sweet but really cheap!) and Tipplers began to head off into the night.


The "villa" again proved itself as a virtuous place to imbibe in that whomsoever shall make it down the 16 treacherous, winding steps to the driveway will probably be successful in finding their way home, as apparently, everyone did.

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