Tuesday Tipplers

September 10, 1991


Tipplers met for the first post-summer meeting of 1991 at Flanagan's. The host who had returned from a year's serious drinking in Ireland was greeted with open arms and bottles by most Tipplers present and continued abuse from Black. Its comforting to see how little things change in a year! Most members were present excepting Ron (I'd rather be in Philadelphia), Frank and Ross. While business affairs were discussed, members sipped successively on:


    Chimay Ale (LCBO $6.45) and

    1989  Grignolino Del Piedmonte by Fontanafredda (Vintages, $13.00)


The former, a typical Belgium Trappist beer and therefore quite fruity and hoppy, was greeted by a unanimous noncommittal by the assembled whereas the latter was too stemmy, the characteristic being accentuated by being (too?) chilled, to be the fresh young light red it was intended to be. 


Funds were collected by Keith from the assembled for the annual dinner ($208.18/couple) he having been reimbursed already for the wines consumed, and a $100 membership fee to replenish the Honorable Treasurers coffers. Absent members Ron, Ross and Frank note that your cheques are overdue ! Remaining meetings for 1991 apparently will be: Ron (October), Aleck (November), Mansfield (December). Other business included an announcement by Aleck / John M. that their gift of a "Special Evening" (dinner at Auberge du Petit Prince complemented with a very rare Bordeaux) to the Victoria Hospital Country Classic Auction could be availed of by the Tipplers members if offers did not reach the reserve bid. Although the invitation was greeted skeptically by Peter / John B. (unusually united in customary Celtic paranoia) a majority indicated that they would welcome the chance to participate in such a gala affair if the opportunity arose.


The tasting portion of the meeting was Alsatian, that is to say that the members were told that they would be tasting 4 bottles made from 3 traditional grapes - Riesling, Pinot Gris, and Gewürztraminer and that one of the 4 bottles was not from Alsace. The wines in serving order were:


    1989 Riesling Reserve by Cave Spring (Vintages) $12.00

    1989 Tokay Pinot Gris by Hugel (LCBO) $16.00

    1985 Riesling Kirchberg De Barr by Willm (Alsace, FF40)

    1985 Gewürztraminer Clos Gaensbroennel Willm (Alsace, FF50)


As usual the comments of the Tipplers outdid even the modest expectations of the host, the high being that most identified the first wine as "the ringer". However, in the amiable tradition of Tipplers, each of the wines tasted was hailed in turn by one or several Tipplers as "Obviously Gewürztraminer!" The last 2 wines were "Alsace Grand Cru's purchased by Flan on his travel from the Willm Estate in Barr. Of the two, the Gewürztraminer is their more renowned wine although the Riesling tasted here has also won may prizes.


The evening closed with several delicious Alsatian desserts, courtesy of Evelyn, washed down with the remainder of the Gewürztraminer and a half bottle of:


    1989 Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg Riesling Auslese by Balthasar Ress (Rheingau, DMk15)

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