Tuesday Tipplers

December 8, 1992


Event - Cabernet Sauvignon


Wines Tasted


1. 1988 Rosemont Estate Show Reserve - Australia              $22.55

2. 1984 Grgich - California - Napa Valley                             $28.75

3. 1983 Wolf Blass - Australia                                               $15.00

4. 1987 Alexander's Crown - California - Southern Sonoma  $19.00

5. 1985 Briarcrest - California - Alexander Valley                  $20.80

6. 1987 Chateau Montelena - California - Napa Valley          $35.00



These minutes are way too late - I am embarrassed. Not only does it seem difficult to get the creative prose juices going, but more importantly, I am having serious difficulty in remembering exactly what happened. The wine, in a nutshell, wonderful. The 1987 Chateau Montelena was considered by the group to be the best - Trevor, however, favored the '85 Briarcrest and some very positive noises were being made about the '83 Wolf Blass. The wine was followed by a bottle of Banyuls and of Grahams 6 Grapes Port. The Banyuls surprised everyone while the Port, for the ditch, was roundly approved.


Flanagan provided his own entrance into the mythology of the Tipplers for his ability to generate noise with no apparent reason or direction - the thought being that commitment had to be made to the dates of some very significant future Tippler events. The Tipplers left, apparently well satisfied, being reminded of Batson's Lobster Fest "June 13th, 1993". I for one, am still not exactly sure what happened.

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