Tuesday Tipplers

February 11, 1992



Three quarter of a dozen Tipplers arrived at eight bells, regrets from Finnie, Batson and Holiday. Lee, chief scribe and keeper of the coin, flushed what little silver was left in the NDP raged pockets of his fellow Tipplers. A $9.75 bottle of Codorniu sparkling blanc de blanc from Spain started the evening and received a reasonably positive judgment from all.


The humble host, ever mindful of the extraordinarily refined palates at the plate, the $30-40 grape that has been served of late, and the lousy state of the economy, lined up three decanters of white - representing three countries (more or less), to be matched with three decanters of reds of the same venue. The Tipplers were challenged to identify the grape & / or country of each wine, & / or match whites to red. This was repeated a few times to Black.


Flanagan immediately judged the reds not to be white and visa-versa. Black wasn't sure what was going on. The first pour of white completely baffled the Tips, as did the second and third. Black asked for additional instructions. The round of reds cleared not the enigma - although Harasym thought the first red may have been a Cabernet Sauvignon at one time. Mansfield commented that this could be correct if the liquid was indeed wine at one time (cheap shot!) Black innocently asked if someone would explain what the hell was going on.


Taste buds were a buzzing, speculations leapt like lizards, and Black asked Lobb for a bit of guidance. The room filled with shouts of "Hungarian Merlot! Rheinpflaz! Gewürztraminer! Australia New World! Not bad, what ever it is etc., etc." and "Garp." the moment of truth revealed:


    Undurranga Cabso (1986) and a white (1991) from Chile

    Not so good but priced right at $6.50 ea


    An "OK" brace of anonymous Cote de Rhone

    Price $9.50 (1990 white); $12.90 (1988 red)


    P L U S   T H E   H I G H L I G H T   W I N E


    Chantonne (undated - maybe October) red and white. A questionable mix of Canadian and French grapes

    at $5.95 ea.


During the sipping frenzy, Abbot was huddled with Black detailing the evenings 'wine match', as Anderson petitioned court martial signatures against the host. Lee and Mansfield managed to correctly match white to reds but had no idea why.


Reprieve winged in with two bottles of vintage port:


    1972 Rebello Valente - Robertson @ $27.00

    1963 Taylor (freebie from a non-port drinking friend)


These were judged to be more than acceptable and near compensation for the bingo that had been served. The Robertson was favoured as older Taylor was still a bit 'hot' and needs a few more years to rest to balance out the alcohol. A complement of cake, coffee and stilton rounded the penurious evening.


As the Tipplers boarded their carriages to hearth and home , Black was overheard to ask, "Would someone pleeeeaassse tell me..........."

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