Tuesday Tipplers

January 14, 1992


The first meeting of '92 was in Black's on the evening of a stormy day, on which Mansfield was the only Byron Boonie to venture forth. Other attendees were Lobb, Lee, Abbott, Anderson and Flanagan.


The meeting was dedicated to the memory of a certain Joseph Pujol, who performed under the stage name of "Le Petomane" throughout Europe, including a Royal Command Performance in front of Queen Victoria. His only talent was his astonishing ability to fart in rhythm, time and pitch so that his anal sphincter was know biologically as a 'biological gramophone in his trousers.' The host wished this dedication for no other reason than his own perverse sense of humor. Such a precedent is tentatively offered to fellow Tipplers for future consideration.


The opening slurp was a clean, astringent Chemin Blanc, Louis M. Martini, Napa valley 1988 - $10.35. There followed five reds, label concealed. Lee and Anderson successfully identified the grape with confidence which, for once, was proportional to accuracy.


1. Lambert Bridge Merlot, California 1988                 $17.00

2. St. Stephen's Crown Merlot, Hungary 1989           $5.70

3. Bidwell Merlot, North Fork of Long Island 1987    $14.70

4. Chateau L'Enclos, Pomerol 1983                            $30.20

5. S, Ovaldo Merlot, Italy 1989                                  $6.80


Rave reviews were absent with numbers 1 and 4 deemed acceptable but nothing worth the money.


Fruit salad and a lovely Spatlese Lexia, Thomas Mitchell, Australia 1987 ($12.50) closed out the evening.

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