Tuesday Tipplers

A Farewell to Blackie (Maybe!)

June 9, 1992


The Annual Tipplers Beer Fest was held at Flanagan's on June 9th, 1992. Although the weather wasn't particularly conducive to beer swilling and was held indoors, most Tipplers attended - the exceptions being Ron, Frank and Aleck. Besides the beer the other major item of business was to bid farewell to Blackie who had tendered his resignation to Trevor (more later).


The first item of business was to set up the schedule of meetings for the coming year, as follows: September 8th at Ian's; October 13th at Keith's; November 10th at Frank's; and December 8th at Alecks.


Next the membership gave a hearty vote of congratulation and thanks to Trevor for his efforts in organizing the Annual Dinner. All agreed that it had been a memorable evening of well-chosen food complimented with splendid wines and much conviviality. The fact the joviality was such that Peter, the incoming President, was unable to control the obstreperous Newfie wing of Tipplers. The result was that Ross, disgracefully abetted by Richard (adopted Newfie and Tippler Treasurer) managed to get support for a slick plan to convert Tipplers overage into Newfoundland lobster. An account of the Batson Lobster Boil and the wretched excesses thereat (belly-dancing yet!) are beyond the scope of theses minute minutes.


The remaining items of business my not be reported faithfully by your amnesic scribe. Suffice it to say that Trevor, whether still warmed by the glow of congratulation or ossified by the beer (for we had already started tippling), became quite unwound in trying to get Tipplers to discuss a couple of meandering motions. The first related to possible continued honorary membership for John Black who, as mentioned above, wished to resign from the Tipplers. After hearing Blackie speak for himself, the somewhat confused members agreed that:


a) John was a nice guy (for an Irishman)

b) that he would be missed (sort of)

c) that he was welcome to attend future Tipplers meetings whenever he was in town and in need of a drink

    (provided he brought his own).


Trevor's second motion asked whether women could be proposed as members. During the discussion that followed several flowery platitudes were heard from Ian and Keith. Richard and Peter, for once, had little to say and the membership, in general, appeared to be willing to entertain specific membership proposals from any individual.


In the beer tasting that followed, Peter, in his wisdom (or confusion), had selected some 21 beers, covering the gamut from pilsner to porter. Beers were tasted in threes and, in no particular order, some favourites were:


Lager: Tusker Malt Lager, a clean tasting pilsner from Kenya; Henninger Kaiser and Northern Lager, German pilsner look-alikes from Canada.


Wheat Beer: Definitely an acquired taste! Eku Weizen from Germany was preferred to Upper Canada Wheat Beer (Canada).


Ale: Smithwick's from Ireland; Bass Pale Ale and Charrington Toby from England; and Sleeman's Cream Ale and IPA from Canada.


Porter and Stout: Three examples tasted were Dragon Stout (Jamaican) and Tadcaster Porter (England), both quite sweet and Guinness, the archetype of dry stouts in a new "pub draught" format now available in Canada.


The latter was presented to John in a farewell pint while the rest of the attendees enjoyed two of Evelyn's delightful fruity desserts.

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