Tuesday Tipplers

March 10, 1992


Ian, Ross, Keith, Richard, Trevor and John M. were in attendance chez Abbott. John B. was on his northern travel and Peter F. was puttering south of the border. The 3H's Harasym, Heizer and Holliday were indisposed.


While sipping a very pleasant 1989 Californian Chardonnay-Corbett Canyon $7.70 those assembled unanimously agreed that:


The annual dinner will be held on May 22, 1992 at Auberge Du Petit Prince, 6:30 PM for 7:30 dinner.


We then went on to taste several bottles sent down by Seagram Wine Co. 


    Sancere "Cave Du Clos La Perrier" 1989

    A stalky sauvignon blanc - about $20.00


    Chateau Bel Air - 1986 about $14.00

    Rather rough - terrible (this was not sniffing Bel Air)


    Chateau Larose - Trintaudon - 1983 about $14.00

    No balance of finish - compared to a quickly maturing Chilean


    Two 1988 St. Emilion's from Vintages followed:

        Chateau La Croix St. Michel $13.50

        Chateau Roudier $18.10


        Both wines need another 2-3 years with neither a standout.


To round out the evening a marmalade spice cake and a Muscat Chateau L'Esparrou $14.70 was enjoyed by all.

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