Tuesday Tipplers at Cantina Heizer

November 10, 1992


Spanish Rioja


Starter: Vina Tondonia    1984    $15.95


The Viura grape dominates white Riojas although Garanacha (the pale Grenache of the Rhone) and Malvasia may be introduced. White Rioja impart a Graves character and are considered at their prime after 4-5 years in the barrel. Some whites will age well to 12+ years.


The Main Tipple:


    Berberona Reserva               1983    $14.10

    Faustimo I Grand Reserva    1985    $19.25

    Carlos Serres Reserva          1985    $!7.65

    Muga                                   1986    $16.10

    Vina Alberdi                         1986    $16.60

    Carlos Serres Crianza           1987    $11.20


Most tintos are in the Bordeaux fashion of the early 20th century, to be aged 2-3 years for standard wine and 5-10+ for Reservas. Tintos are made of the Garanacha and Tempranillo (related to Pinot Noir) grapes.


Italian Cap:


    Josef Brigl Moscato Giallo    1985    $7.45


The Tippler Verdict:


The Vina Tondonia opener was a powerful and brutally manly white that no fair damsel should ever quaff whilst bare of foot and in the kitchen.


The half dozen jugs of Rioja followed. The least expensive Berberona Reserva and Carlos Serres Crianza were judged not only pleasant on the palate but easiest on the wallet. Third place was a tie between Carlos Serres Reserva and Faustimo I. The Muga was found to be too heavy and Vina Alberdi was banished to the bucket.


The evening was rounded with coffee, desserts and some gawdawful Italian Moscato thrust on the LCBO by somebody named Joe Bringl.

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