The Tuesday Tipplers

Tuesday September 8th, 1992


'Twas the first of the season and held at chez Gus

The president Paddy, in advance, caused a fuss.

By demanding "Royal" Treatment - respect it would seem

So the Host did his duty, laid a carpet -- of green.


To honor our leader fine robes the host wore

In traditional color of an old Irish Whore.

Due homage was paid to the Flann through the night

But only because he is such a "Gobshite".


Present was Abbott and Batson and Lee

Holliday absent - and likewise his Fee.

The President, Mansfield and Lobb made the quorum

Finnie came late, from the golf - stressed and worn.


The evening of tasting was heralded in

With jocular comment and customary din.

Debate there was plenty concerning new member

And who should host meetings from now 'till September.


No resolve was forth coming despite double "Sipper"

The only one mentioned was old "Bob the Ripper"

Inniskilling from Napa considered to dicey

At seventeen and change a little too pricey.


Minutes, supposed to tell what had been drank

Were passed by the Knob whose mind has gone blank.

For the record, was the first one that Anderson's missed

Flann thinks Gus was there so he must have been pissed.


Our Treasurer gave us his usual report

Says he's minding the Cellar - the trustworthy sport!

But the content of the closet has yet to be seen

Think-you truth to be found on the lines in between?


The Club took the tab for the lobster and boil

Due gratitude offered to Batsons for toil.

Photos were passed showing the Lobb hardly able

To extricate eyes from Arabian navel.


Assembled to taste were these mentioned below

A "Tolleys" a "Ridge" and a "Firestone" merlot.

The first to were "Cabs", eighty six, eighty four

The last, seventy eight - to of each to explore.


The test of the evening was to answer the question

Do we let wine breath? is there even contention?

So corks had been pulled some before some immediate

Tipplers slurped and decided midst gulps to expedient.


As Gus had contended, difference most could not tell

On Batson's fine palate did exceedingly well.

The rest, queried reason, but amazed did applaud

Was it natural gift - or from kissing the Cod?


The boys showed depression - Gus, he had a fit

His theory was proven - "breathing" - total bullshit.

At least for the Tipplers who couldn't define

Two similar bottles - opened at the same time!


A cloud of despondency threatened to settle

But Tipplers, they rallied and showed there true metal.

Demolished desert plus two Rieslings picked late

All departed half-pissed through the Ullswater Gate.

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