Tuesday Tipplers

April 13, 1993


A good roundup of the Tipplers trailed to Wellington Street on a cool April evening, but again the mob was thwarted in their attempts to see the Tippler cellar. The bank took seven dues, but paid out over $700 to the robbers at the London Club. The gang then planned their next heist at Cafe Bruges for the annual bash.


Then, with a cry of "Hi ho Silver tastevin" the gang went to meet the 'Rhone Rangers': the Californian producers of Rhone style wines.


The opener was the rose from Bonny Doon - Vin Gris de Valante                                                   $12.05 (V)

    Fruity, plumy - we drank the 89 and I don't think the '90 just released is as good.


Next, from 'Lefty' Lee's private import, most appropriately 'Le Gaucher 1991                                 $11.95 US

    A blend again from Bonny Doon. Yeasty and young was the consensus.


We then had a lovely 100% Mouvedre 1989 from Cline cellars.                                                      $17.95 (V)

    Intense lavender on the nose, good flavour and balance, but short finish.


A Burgundian, pronounced JM and IA of the 1987 Les Cotes Sauvages from Edmunds St. John.    $22.50 (V)

    Others were less impressed.


A rare Qupe Syrah 1990 was felt to be raw.                                                                                   $19.95 US

    Young and rather one dimensional


An even rarer wine by the acclaimed Sean Thackray, his Orion 1990                                              $30.00 US

     Was felt to be good, but far to young to drink, which is a shame, since Lee only had enough money for one bottle.    What a Tonto!


Rounding off the tasting wines was fortunately the very nice Mcdowell 1982 Syrah which the Tipplers could hardly believe came from their elusive cellar-yes Kemosabi.


A grand Vin de Banyuls 1989 from Provence                                                                                 $27.85 (V)

    Brought us back to the old world, although we did have it with Ghirardello Square!

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