Tuesday Tipplers

Tasting of California Cabernet Sauvignon Wines 

from the Harasym Cellar

December 14, 1993


Wine List (Wines tasted are underlined)


1984 Grigch Hills (Napa Valley)                                                      $30.00 (87)

1985 Burgess (Napa Valley)                                                           $24.00 (92)

1986 Robert Mondovi Reserve (Napa Valley)                                 $37.00 (95)

1986 Konocti (Lake Country - Northern California                          $14.00 (80)

1986 Beaulieu - Rutherford (Napa Valley)                                       $15.00 (85)

1987 Silver Oak (Alexander Valley)                                                $38.00 (89)

1987 William Hill Reserve (Napa Valley)                                         $28.00 (95)

1987 Rodney Strong - Alexander's Crwon (North Sonoma)             $20.00 (89)

1988 Beringer - Knights Valley (St. Helena)                                     $20.00 (86)

1988 Clos DuBois - Briarcrest Vineyard (Alexander Valley)             $23.00 (82)

1989 Kenwood (Sonoma)                                                               $22.00 (91) 


It is axiomatic that the longer you take to produce your minutes the more onerous the task becomes.  At the risk of being accused of having my grapes gone sour -- minutes aren't my strong suit -- I would like to propose that a Tippler may, at his option, record pertinent comments at his tasting on tape to be played at the next tasting event with a copy provided to the Tippler's archives.


The event itself involved a slightly different format from the typical tasting. The Tipplers present were able to participate in selecting the wines to be tasted by making their own "picks" from a list of eleven California cabernets. sadly, for the treasury that is, they seemed to focus on the wines with both the highest Wine Spectator ratings and most extravagant prices. Due to an immediate shortage of Tipplers (approximately seven present) only five wines were sampled and heartily consumed.


The 1986 Robert Mondovi Reserve was applauded as the best of the bunch with the qualification that it had probably being consumed to soon. The Silver Oak, a wine much sought after among California cabernets, in the 1987 vintage year, to have lived up to its splashy reputation. The Grigch cabernet edged out the other two but all three were quaffed with enthusiasm and thought to be well worth the effort. One perception - there wasn't a cabernet in the bunch that couldn't have waited three to five years for consumption and probably would have been better for it. Other perceptions -- lost in that warm glow that comes over one who has just had some wonderful California cabernet sauvignon wine is that thinking that, with so little of the evening left, its almost indecent for Port to taste that good. 

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