Tuesday Tipplers

February 8 1994


The Tipplers convened at eight bells as is the custom. The occasion was elevated from the mundane by the guest appearance of ex-tippler and honorary member "Blackie" bearing bottles of Bordeaux (3) which formed the basis of the tasting. Flanagan was on hand to abuse the guest in a manner which was intended to evoke suitable memories of tipplings gone by and thereby induce him to reconsider membership.


All other members were present with the exception of Finnie and Heizer.


Business was minimal other than the collection of dues. Mansfield is still claiming a virus in his computer to account for the absence of last years minutes. Despite the illness Lee is still unrelenting on regards to payment.


In honor of Blackie a typically good (read awful) Italian white was served. Vignetto Rondinelli $10.95. All were agreed as to the the absence of any redeeming features. Even the Flan did not disagree, According to the Minutes of October 9, 1990 John was entreated by the treasurer to purchase another bottler of each of the following 1985's..


    1.    Chateau Mayney Saint-Estephe

    2.    Chateau Mazeris Canon Fronsac

    3.    Chateau Malescot St. Exuprey Margaux


These were deemed at the time to be "excellent"  and the intention was to reevaluate and compare in three years.


For the sake of interest these were tasted blind against a non descript 1983 Chateau Puyfromage. Not all members were able to identify the Chateau Shit. Shame! Shame! The Bordeaux Boy Bob the Butcher excelled in all counts and correctly identified all, thereby clinching his continued membership. Enthusiasm for these wines was certainly not as overwhelming as at the previous tasting although all were agreed that the Margaux was up to previous description.


The tasting continued with the following Ice Wines accompanied with deserts a la Lady Lorna.


    1. 1991 Durkheimer Fronhof Scherube Eiswin    $32.50

    2. 1992 Colio (no name grape)                           $35.75

    3. 1992 Reif Vidal                                              $42.35

    4. 1992 Henry of Pella, Riesling                          $45.00


The German was declared the most acceptable in terms of taste, balance and price. Non of the locals were considered good value nor necessarily good wine. Some discussion ensued as to whether these wines (or indeed whites in general) should be acquired for laying down with the expectation of improvement. This humble scribe was of the opinion that white wine was not traditionally purchased with the expectation of improvement but in some instances with the supposition that they might last, at least for some time. Members Mansfield and Harasym contended that whites were not infrequently bought with subsequent maturation in mind. Perhaps a survey and sampling of such maturing whites might be the basis of some future tasting.


Well fueled internally with icy wine the intrepid Tipplers bravely exited to face the icy wind. As Mansfield pointed out the climatic conditions were such that it would he been dangerous to have been driving had one not been drinking.

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