Tuesday Tipplers

September 13, 1994


The first meeting after the summer recess was held at Flanagan's. Several Tipplers were unable to attend but Flanagan, Lee, Pitman, Anderson, Finnie, Mansfield, Heizer, Lobb and McKeon all showed up, parched with thirst.


Flanagan lamented the lack of Brown Bag tastings and, to correct this, announced that the first two wines would be tasted "blind". Therefore, during the business portion of the meeting, Tipplers were asked to identify the country of origin of a 1987 Tsingtao Riesling - $13.00 est. Despite helpful comments such as: "This is not Riesling"; "This is not wine"; "A fine kerosene nose", etc, etc, no Tippler was able to identify the originating country as China. The host had bought this wine, at vast expense, from Ireland (gateway to the West for fine oriental wines?), but could have saved himself the trouble as the current chardonnay and Riesling from this winery are now available from the LCBO (?).


Our treasurer gave a meandering, evasive and uninformative account of Tippler's finances and asked for semi-annual dues. The schedule for 1994-95 was set:


October 11 '94    Finnie               March 14 '95 Batson

November 8 '94    Mansfield        April 11 '95 Harasym

December 13 '94    Anderson       May 9 '95 Pitman

January 10 '95 Heizer                   June 13 '95 Lee

February 14 '95 Abbott                Reserves: McKeon, Lobb


The second wine tasted "blind" was a 1978 Don Juan Torres Reserva (Torres) - $8.25. This was to familiarize Tipplers with the locale for the rest of the evening. Only the jaded, but geographically-astute, palate of Juan Anderson was up to the challenge.


Tipplers then moved into the main event, entitled "Date the Dago". Several Tipplers immediately wanted to know where she was, but the host explained that the objective was to identify the vintage year of four wines from Penedes. This small area south of Barcelona makes a great deal of white wine but several owners, after some pioneering by the Torres family, are producing good quality well-made red wines, primarily for export. The wines tasted were: 1985 Cabernet Sauvignon (Vallformosa) $11.95, 1977 Gran Coronas Reserva (Torres) $24.00, 1986 Cabernet Sauvignon (Jean Leon) $17.30 and 1988 Masia Cabernet Sauvignon (Bach) $12.95. Unlike the wine in the pervious paragraph, which was made entirely from local grapes, the four for "Date the Dago" all imitated Bordeaux with a 70% cab. sauv. - 30% other mixture. Most present liked the reds with a particular praise for the older Torres wines, Only those Tipplers that breakfast daily on Cabernet Sauvignon, i.e. Mansfield, Heizer, were experienced enough to identify the vintage years of the last four wines.


The evening closed with dessert of fruit salad and (again) Flan's Trifle washed down with a 1985 Chateau Graves $24.75.

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