Tuesday Tipplers

October 14, 1997


This meeting was not well attended. We were missing Heizer (resigned last month). Batson (to resign next month!) Aleck (getting cultured). Trevor (not healthy. Ian (family crisis in Scotland). The ones that did attend were treated to a range of 1985 Bordeaux. One from each of the classifications.


The only wine to receive the Tippler Royal ascent was the Margaux.


The wines tasted were:


89%    Ch. Haut Bages-Liberal            (5th)                          $25.50

85%    Ch. Beau Site        Crus Bourgeois Exceptionnels       $30.00

87%    Ch. St. Pierre                            (4th)                         $22.00

89%    Ch. Pettie Village                (substitute 3rd)                $28.10

83%    Ch. Pichon-Longueville Baron   (2nd)                        $50.00

90%    Ch. Margaux                             (1st)                         $82.00


We had a Brandy Alexander for dessert that I served with a Tokajo "85" (5 putts) that I picked up from Kelly for 2 pork chops & 2 fillets valued at $22.00


    Total $259.60


We did discover at the tasting that there wasn't a great deal of difference between the second and third, third and forth, forth and fifth. There was a big difference between the first and second and quite a noticeable difference in the Pomerol. I hoped everyone enjoyed themselves. 

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