Tuesday Tipplers

December 08, 1998

The Christmas Tipple


A total tally of Tipplers assembled at Gussies for the December Tippler of '98

An evening of Port was the order of the day !


The wines sampled were:


    1    Taylors "Chip Dry" White Port                                $16.95

    2    Fonseca 192 L.B.V.                                               $22.40

    3    Churchill's City of Westminster 1985 Crusted         $20.00 ?

    4    Ramos-Pinto 1980 Vintage                                     $11.50

    5    Sandeman 1976 L.B.V.                                          $12.00 ?

    6    Taylor Fladgate 10 Year Tawny                              $27.55

    7    Grahams 1977 Vintage                                           $34.00

    8    Ferreira Sweet White                                              $16.75


The surprise wine of the offering was the '76 L.B.V. The least impressive, given the vintage, was the '77 Grahams. The Tipplers, in characteristic fashion, could not identify either age or type! Even, with the brown bag removed, some members were confused but it is perhaps understandable considering that six bottles had been consumed by that time, The Churchill's, previously tasted at a drunken birthday celebration of Lee was felt not to have improved over the intervening ten years; these observations having been made from the notes as opposed to memory. The Ramos-Pinto was, as usual, a magnificent drink and once again the host's favorite. The late bottled Fonseca gained a high approval with the crusted being least sought after initially, but still acceptable enough to demolish. The sweet white was well accompanied by the rich desert supplied by Lorna. The stilton was supplied, but unfortunately not paid for, by Tippler Bob,


And a Merry Christmas tasting was had by all.

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