Tuesday Tipplers

May 12th 1998

Falling off the wagon, or something nasty happened in the cellar


An octet of Tipplers assembled at 1011 Wellington Street on May 12th 1998.


Anderson, Flanagan, Harasym, Lee, Mansfield, McKeon, Nanasi, and Pitman. Finnie was in Scotland, and Lobb in Purdah. By invitation Spadafora was present, a potential new member.


After the fracas surrounding the April non-event, Lee decided that the Tipplers had reached a new low, and therefore produced a magnificent evening of rare and exquisite wines, nay, nectar. In other words, a tasting of the old stuff that he hadn't the heart to give to anyone else.


We started with 1985 Clos St. Landelin Vin Mure Gewürztraminer. Nice condition, old Alsatian GT, nobody got it. An indifferent Brunello Di Montalcino 1986 by Barbi was disappointing, but we then went on to a 1981 Navarra Gran Riserva which was felt to be very good by the majority. The 1981 Pedroncelli Reserve Zinfandel had aged beautifully, and apart from its alcoholic strength was not "zinny" at all. A Clos de Bois Merlot 1984 was so-so, but led the way to a 1983 Inglenook Reunion Cab. Sauv. and the 1978 Clos de Bois Proprietor's Reserve Cab. Sauv.. These were a little faded and certainly Lee was glad to be rid of them grateful for the opportunity to share them.


The tasting concluded with the beautifully maderized 1986 Vin Santo d'Arquata from Umbria, and the Tipplers dispersed, suitably maderized themselves. 

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