Tuesday Tipplers

June 17, 2000

    Firstly, Nancy and I would like to thank everyone for their help in the kitchen and commend them on the quality of the foods produced. Unfortunately Keith and Ben will never know of the pleasures they missed on the sunny day in June.


    I'm not going to comment on the beer because I can't remember. I do know that the slush bucket was as empty as the rest of the bottles. It's great to create an occasion to  gather with friends and drink beer and eat too much; The True Tippler Mandate.


Beer/Wine                               Country                 Price 

3 Maredsous (strong)                Belgium                   $5.85

3 Carib (lager)                          Trinidad                   $4.65

2 Marston's (Pedregree)            United Kingdom      $5.50

3 Sol (lager)                               Mexico                    $4.95

1 Beckett's Gold                        Ireland                     $3.25

2 Marstons (strong ale)              United Kingdom       $5.50

2 Hoegaurden (white beer)         Belgium                   $5.85

2 Beamish (stout)                        Irish                        $4.40

2 Crest (extra strong)                 United Kingdom       $4.00

2 Hevelius Classic                      Poland                     $6.30

3 Saison Dupont                        Belgium                    $5.40

2 Dunkel                                   Germany                   $5.70

2 Magnat (strong)                      Poland                      $3.70

3 Sambor                                  Poland                      $4.80

2 Tanner's Jack (ale)                  England                    $3.50

4 Maredsous (amber)                 Belgium                   $11.80

3 Cruzcampo (lager)                   Spain                       $4.20

9 Rosso Di Barbi                        Italian                      Tipplers Cellar

6 Chateau De Nobody Whites                                    $60.00

(sorry I didn't keep track, too many beers)

3 L.B.V. Fonseca '94                                                  $68.85

3 Sweet Wines                           Dessert Plonk            $64.30



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