Tuesday Tipplers

November 14, 2000


Eleven (I think) of the disciples of tippling assembled at Gussies on a cold November evening. Ben was the lone absentee who, according to his good lady wife, in a manner entirely expected of a professorial type simply "forgot", thereby rendering the academic's priorities open to serious question.

Ben missed a selection of "old wines" as a sequel to the precious years presentation of "old vines"

By way of taking pity on the membership in the anticipation that some )or all) of the offerings would likely be undrinkable an opening sipper in the substance of a BERINGER ALUVIUM BLANC $29 was presented. General consensus was that it was o.k. but definitely not worth the tariff.

Tippler finances were said to be in good order and capable of withstanding further purchases. President Sal indicated that plans for the annual diner were well underway. Two old whites and eight old reds were ultimately sampled. (demolished or consumed). None of the wines were younger that 20 or older than 30 years.

There were one or two surprises of an evening. First that nearly all the wines had stood up remarkably well and second (perhaps nor real surprise) the Tipplers rejected very little.


The List:    1981 Bernkastel-Cueser Cardinalsberg Kabinett $10

                 1980 Chateau des Charmes Reisling                   $7.25


Although both showing the color of aging and evanescence on nose, the taste was rather surprising in its degree of acceptability.


1970 Charmes-Chambertain                           $??

1971 Chateau Chauvin St. Emelion                 $7

1975 Barbera Louis Martini                           $??

1978 Mondavi Zinfeandel                              $15

1979 Seppelt Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon    $8

1977 Conde Bel Rioja                                   $??

1980 Garrafeira Bairrada                               $??


And as an after-thought

    1983 Priorato De Muller Vino Tinto         $5


The best wine was unanimously felt to be the Barbera. The Zin had a good showing closley followed by the Cab and the Garraferia. Non of the wines were felt to be in the grave although the Chambertain and the St. Emelion were ailing somewhat. The Vono Tinto was still pretty rank. A shame for the other ten bottles!


A bottle of "golden half sweet very cold wine" Avero Taragona was served with dessert. By this time the Tipplers failed to notice that it was less that half decent. And so it ended.

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