Tuesday Tipplers

February 13, 2001

Another brilliant tasting at the House of Flan the Educator! Once again, Tipplers were challenged with something simple and, once again, the group made the task very difficult. Definitely not like the old days, as some ancient Tipplers were heard to moan! The task was simply to identify the country of origin of seven reds, having been informed that, Germany, the country of the white wine tasted, was not one of them!!

1990 Schlossböckleheimer Kupfergrube - Riesling (Verwalhung der Staatlichen Weinbaudomänen, Nahe, Germany), $13.05

Even with that geography clue, Tipplers remained ‘clueless’. So the embarrassed host was called upon to help the group out with further clues: a) that all wines were varietal cabernet sauvignon or a blend thereof; b) that Australia was NOT one of the countries listed; and, finally, c) to reveal that the countries were in fact: USA, Canada, Italy, Bulgaria, Argentine, France and Chile. Even then, a couple of Tipplers identified the Bulgarian wine as Hungarian! Evidently some Tipplers are geographically-challenged as well as lacking oenological insight!

In the end, Tod was able to identify three countries and therefore was the star! The wines tasted were:

  1. 1995 Collector’s Choice - Cabernet/Merlot (Hillebrand, Niagara, Canada), ~$16.00
  2. 1987 Réserve Cabernet Sauvignon de Russé (Cave de Russé, Bulgaria), $??
  3. 1989 Château Cantamerle (Haut-Médoc, France), $??
  4. 1990 Carrascal - Cabernet/Merlot/Malbec (Wienert, Mendoza, Argentina), $??
  5. 1994 Villa Artimino - Carmignano Riserva Medicea (Fattoria Artimino, Italy), $??
  6. 1998 Domaine Oriental - Cabernet Sauvignon (Salve, Maule Valle, Chile), $??
  7. 1986 Merlion Cabernet Sauvignon (Merlion, Napa, U.S.A.), $??

After all wines had been tasted, a poll of Tipplers indicated that the favourites were #1 and #3 (4 votes each) followed by #4 (2 votes). Tipplers’ choice for the ‘dog’ wine was #7 (4 votes), followed closely by #6 (3 votes).

The evening finished with Flan’s dodgy apple crumble made acceptable by Richard’s custard, all of which was accompanied by:

1979 Ruster Beerenauslese (Winzerverband Rust, Austria), $21.80, and a ½ bottle of Graham’s LBV Port.



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