Tuesday Tipplers


May 14th 2002


"All the answers are right in-front of you"


A rather "thirsty" group of Tipplers gathered on Tetherwood Blvd with all members present after Allan arrived from his teaching commitments. The "Leaf’s" won 3 – 0 over Ottawa, Flan booked his tee-off time, Lee correctly identified 4 of 6 wines, the planets were aligned, all was normal.

The evening commenced with Lee providing a review of the financials with it being noted that some members, Cam, were a bit dilatory with their dues. It was decided that Tommy would take over as treasurer and that Flan would become the keeper of the "Tippler Holy Grail," Lees’ "Black Book". The Tipplers sipped away on 2 bottles of 1985 Perrier Jouët (gift from many years ago – N/C) which was efficiently dealt with before the agenda for the evening was presented.

The challenge was to do a "cataract tasting" of 6 red wines. "Cataract tasting", because each person was provided with a sheet of paper that had the vintage, name and country of origin all the wines clearly listed. This was quickly met with comments ranging from, "This is too easy" "Come on, give us a real challenge" to "I didn’t know that Germany made a red wine"

Lee, due to his total and absolute nonchalant demeanor regarding how easy this test was, was given the task of naming and unavailing each of the wines. Lee correctly identified 4 of the 6 wines with several others getting 2 and 3 wines correct. (I bought the damn wines and only got 1 correct!!)

Based on a pre-unveiling pole the wines were rated from favorite to least favorite as listed below:

1993 VINI TINTO "GRAN RESERVA" (SPAIN)                                                                     10.00 Euro $14.06

1998 CORONA DE ARAGON "CRIANZA" (SPAIN)                                                             7.10 Euro $ 9.99

1999 FATTORIA DI FALTOGNANO "CHIANTI MONTALBANO" (ITALY)                  7.60 Euro $10.69

2000 WÜRTTEMBERG LEMBERGER TROCKEN (GERMANY)                                          5.10 Euro $ 7.17

1998 DUCA SANFELICE RESERVA "CIRO" (ITALY)                                                          9.60 Euro $13.50

1999 KIECHLINSBERGER ÖLBERG "SPÄTBURGUNDER" (GERMANY)                        5.60 Euro $ 7.88

Three additional wines were brought out to sample as the evening progressed.

1996 WHITE COTTAGE CABERNET SAUVIGNON (NAPA VALLEY)                                       $ 29.95

2000 ROSE MOUNT ESTATE SHIRAZ (AUSTRALIA)                                                                 $ 9.99 ??


The evening ended with 2 bottles of 1998 Chateau Filhot à Sauternes ($27.60 each)                     $ 55.20

served with a Stilton & Port Cheese Cake accompanied with a Rhubarb Compote.

                                                                                                                                                        Total: $171.38


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