Tuesday Tipplers

June 10, 2003  

The Tipples gathered at the Warner residence (8 months ago as I write this) on a June evening. My memory of this event is rather weak so below are the facts as I can recall them:

1) The tasting was at my house ( I know this because I slept there after the tasting was over)

2) The tasting occurred on June 10th and began at approximately 8 pm (that was the date on our web page)

3) Several Tipplers were present (9 bottles of wine consumed so there must have been more that 2 or 3 of us)

4) We ate a dessert (I know I had to make one, can't tell you what the heck it was  WAIT.....................It's coming back to me, the dessert was a Strawberry & Rhubarb Cobbler with Black Pepper Biscuits)

5) The after dinner drink was a 2000 Cab Franc Icewine "Royal Demaria" from Canada 

6) Coffee was consumed (it always is)

7) The Tipplers started the evening off with 2 wines courtesy of the London Hunt Club. The white was a "Estate Selection “Cuvaison” 2000 Chardonnay –      from Calistoga California and the red was a "Ebenezer 1999 Shiraz from the Barossa Valley,  Australia. ( I know this because I write the wine reviews for the Hunt Club news letter and these were the wines I wrote up for June)

8) We then began to blind taste 6 bottles of red wine, with the job of deciding what the grape and country of origin was and to rate the wines from least favorite to most favorite ( I know they were red and 6 of them because if they were not red and a quantity of at least 6 I would have been impeached..........or...........they were all white, only 3 bottles and Flan was absent). 

9) The six wines tasted were a vertical of 1990 through 1995 of Cabernet Sauvignon "George de Latour - Private Reserve" from the Beaulieu Vineyard of Napa Valley (I know this because I checked my computer cellar list to see what was missing.  Ahhhhhhhh, so Flan must have been present)

10) I believe most people liked the wines, particularly the 1994. (All the bottles were empty and the '94 sticks in my head)

Total for the tasting $225.00 


Score Sheet Handed Out

To start the evening off easy, the first tasting consists of one red and one white wine

The white:

            Estate Selection “Cuvaison” 2000 Chardonnay – Calistoga California

The Red:

            Ebenezer 1999 Shiraz   - Barossa Valley Estate Australia

The challenge? Simple, tell me what you think of each wine in “re-printable, repeatable, constructive language. Tell me what foods you would match with each wine.

Why??  Well, each month I have been tasked to review one red wine and one white wine for the London Hunt and Country Club. I then have to submit my review for publishing in our monthly newsletter.  So comments like “it tastes like shite”, “its not red”, “its not a Shiraz ” will not be too helpful to the cause.  If the membership would like to do this on a regular basis, I can bring 2 bottles of wine to each of our monthly tastings – FREE.  

Now for the real tasting.  You have before you six bottles of wine, please pour yourself a sample of each and compare them all. Then tell me the grape, country of origin and how you would rate the wines 1 through 6 (best to worst)

Bottle   Grape                           Country of Origin                      Rating


1          ________________    ___________________          ______



2          ________________    ___________________          ______



3          ________________    ___________________          ______



4          ________________    ___________________          ______



5          ________________    ___________________          ______



6          ________________    ___________________          ______



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