Thanksgiving Tasting

October 12, 2004  

The Tipplers met at Fontana ’s the day after Thanksgiving. If my memory serves me correctly we did not have full attendance, which was unfortunate for those not able to attend as we cracked open two “ready to drink” wines from the Tipplers cellar. The 1983 Opus was a disappointment as it lacked richness & flavour; most likely well passed its’ prime. On the other hand the 88’ Triacca (Nebbiolo grape from Lombardia) held up much better than it’s much more expensive cellar partner.(THOSE ITALIANS HAVE REAL LASTING POWER!!)

I believe all the wines served were well received by the Tipplers. The Alluvium and the Beaucastel were favoured by the members.

The Menu:

A sumptuous grilled beef tenderloin aged to perfection from Sullivan’s Old North Market was served to accompany these fine wines. Some stinky cheeses from Kiss the Cook were also served (Isigny Camembert, Morbier, Stilton and Cananteer).

The Openers:

Luna Nuova Prosecco  $15.95

Wynn’s Coonawarra Riesling  $14.95

The Reds:

1983  Opus One                                  Tipplers Cellar ($78.40)

1988  Sassella Triacca                          Tipplers Cellar ($17.90)

2000  Tablas Creek Esperit de Beaucastel      $41.95

2002  Rosenblum Zin                           $19.95

1998  Beringer Alluvium                       $49.95

2001  Sterling Merlot                           $28.95

Dessert Wine:

Beaume de Venise Muscat served with grilled Cinnamon Pineapple rings.  

Total cost   $140.80 (what a bargain!)

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