December 12, 2006


The stalwarts assembled at Andersons for the now near traditional Xmas tasting.

Equally tradition, although not particularly innovative, was a presentation of Prot of the non-vintage L.B.V. variety.

All selections were available locally at the time and at a suitable modest price of 20-25 dollars

It was hoped that some unexpectedly good Xmas drinking would results from the presentation but alas the Tipplers were not to be impressed and no mention of a rush to the counter of the L.C.B.O was indicated. It was decreed however that 3 bottles of the Ramos Pinto could be acquired for the cellar by its biggest fan.

Tasted were:    GRAHAMS





                        RAMOS PINTO

If the memory serves correctly, dessert was accompanied by a Vintage variety donated by a past member upon is giving up the drink.

Bt all reports the remainder of the Xmas season was enjoyed by all despite the absence of L.B.V.

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