Tuesday Tipplers

Notes from Tasting Tuesday, January 10th, 2006.

 For the seventh consecutive year, the Tipplers gathered on the second Tuesday after the New Year at Tippler Spadafora’s.

 There was little business to discuss, the assembled crew (a full house), attended to the task at hand.

 The “opener” met with mixed levels of approval (after all it was a white wine), but generally felt to be acceptable. 

BIRGI  Grillo  2004  ~   Sicilia  $13.95  (this should have been a hint)

 The task was simple, the scene and the wines predictable.  No brown bags, just 6 decanters full of red wine ( decanted 2 hours previously) .  The Tipplers were instructed to drink, and enjoy.   Their assignment was to determine the country of origin, and the year (all wines from the same year).

 The success – variable. (But who cares when you are having a good time.) 

The Year : 1999

The Country: Italy

 The wines:

  1. Marchese Di Villamarina 1999, Sella & Mosca ~Sardengna . $49.95
  2. Ruffino- Reserva Ducale ORO, Chianti Classico, 1999 ~ Firenze. $44.95
  3. Ser Giovetto Rocca delle Macie Toscana 1999~ Chianti. $38.95
  4. Brunello Di Montalcino Campana 1999 ~ Montalcino.$54.95
  5. Sarmassa Barolo 1999, Marchesi di Barolo. $59.95
  6. Antichi Vigneti (Ancient Vines) Di Cantalupo, GHEMME 1999, Gemme. $29.95

There was no clear favorite amongst these, and all were felt to be agreeable.

The Tipplers were not stopped by their inability to unanimously recognize Italian reds.  They proceeded to enjoy a Vintage Port (Ferreira 1987 ~ $90.00 @ Auction).

The wines were palatable, the food was plentiful, but the assembled company was the ingredient that made the evening.

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