Tuesday Tipplers

Tuesday May 9, 2006 - Pick a Number……..

The group gathered at Tetherwood almost nine months ago. As I now ponder what the hell happened, I must inform each of you that prolonged consumption of wine during the past 9 months has left my recollection ...............well...................... I don't really recall a damn thing!  So, I have gathered my wine stained notes, illegible scribbles, bizarre number charts and I will attempt to record what may or may not have happened.

The Tipplers were each asked at our prior meeting to select a number between 1 and 800. At that time I had slightly more than 800 bottles in the "cellar" so the intent of the tasting was to randomly select the wines for the evening, based on the numbers selected.  Each persons selection was then matched with a wine write up that I downloaded from the Wine Spectator.

The goal for the evening was for the Tipplers to match the description with the random selection of wines. Additionally, each Tippler was asked to record which wine was their favorite.  The total charge for the evening was set at $220.00 based on Tommys' calculation of the average cost of a Tuesday Tippler evening.

The evening started with a bottle of 1996 Geyser Peak Sparkling Shiraz

Keith’s Pick #10 - 1999 Del Dotto Giovanni's Tuscan Reserve
It has a vibrant stunning nose, a massive body, and rich balanced black cherry flavors with a hint of mint. It will age beautifully. Fifteen hundred cases were produced.
50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Sangiovese
Flan’s Pick #376 - 1998 Treffethan Cabernet Sauvignon
The additional time on the vine and excellent crop management provided this wine with luscious bright, ripe fruit flavors in the nose. Aromas of rich plum and cherry touched with cedar lead you to wonderfully concentrated dark berry fruits with a hint of black pepper on the palate. Excellent tannin structure combined with exceptional fruit forward flavors provides a long, lingering finish.
Cabernet Sauvignon (88%) & Merlot (12%)
Gussie’s Pick # 6 - 1997 Opus One
Abundant sunlight in the previous vintage produced high fertility in the vine buds and a large crop, which Opus One thinned to the lowest per case yield in a decade. Harvest was early and very compact, comprising just 11 days.
Cabernet Sauvignon 82%, Cabernet Franc 8%,  Merlot 5%,  Malbec 4%, Petit Verdot 1%
Joe’s Pick #222 - 1997 Rosenblum Cellars Zinfandel
The wine is very lush and structured, showing bright blackberry fruit with hints of exotic herbs and Asian spices.
100% Zinfandel
Allan’s Pick # 743 - 1999 Gianni Paoletti Cabernet Sauvignon
Its aromas deliver a complex and layered mix of ripe black currents, roasted vanilla beans and cocoa. The grapes are from Lilia’s Vineyard which is at the eastern part of the winery on a gentle slope. The vines are 12 years old.
88% Cabernet, 6% Malbec, 4% Merlot, 2% Cabernet Franc
Bob’s Pick #458 - 1998 E&E Black Pepper Shiraz
Deep brick, earthen red with youthful purple hues. Bouquet: Intense lifted aromas of ripe cherry, plum, spice and pepper with subtle chocolatey, coffee like overtones.
Palate: Full, rich, ripe and fleshy, the palate delivers all that the nose promises. Ripe fruit is harmoniously integrated with subtle oak characters providing a long, satisfying, velvety finish. 100% Syrah

At this point I know that there were 9 of us in attendance as I had a total of 8 votes, note including myself.

Votes Received   

                    1999 Del Dotto Giovanni's Tuscan Reserve

                    1998 Treffethan Cabernet Sauvignon

      2             1997 Opus One

      3             1997 Rosenblum Cellars Zinfandel

                    1999 Gianni Paoletti Cabernet Sauvignon

      3            1998 E&E Black Pepper Shiraz

I have on my notes "G" 3/6 and "F" 3/6 which I can only assume that somehow both Gussie and Flan managed to correctly identify 3 of the 6 wines.  I also have scratched on my notes 1995 LBV Warres, Williams Christ Birne Schnapps and Louis XIII which can only mean that despite all the the previous wines consumed, some, if not all of the Tipplers were still a bit parched.  I know I also served coffee and a homemade dessert, but I have no idea what the hell it was.

Cost $220.00

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