NOVEMBER 14, 2006


Once again the occasion arose for the group to gather at the Monroe residence  with anticipation that challenges would be delivered and met.  Conspicuous by their absence were Tod, hiding behind the diplomatic cloak of anniversary, Tom, having a magical time in Florida with grandchildren, and the esteemed President who feigned exhaustion after returning from Italy days before.


The evening started with the disappointing  Foss Marai Dry Spumate ($17.95) of which I am sure was not part of Flanagans declared cargo.  The central theme was to differentiate  two regions and two grape varieties offered, however, there were some sour grape responses that Australian Shiraz and California Syrah were to be considered the same.  The dissention was quickly subdued with the arrival of dessert and a 1999 Tokaja Aszu, 3 Puttonyos ( $14.30).


The selections  for the evening:


2003    Cline                           Los Carneros                                     $19.95

2002    Zaca Mesa                 Santa Ynez Valley                              $29.95

2001    Whitehawk                 Santa Maria Valley                           $29.95

2004    McLaren Vale            D’Arrys Original                                $19.95

2002    Brokenwood               S. E. Australia                                    $23.95

2004    Gnarly Dudes             Barossa                                              $27.95


It was generally agreed that the Brokenwood represented the most enjoyable and that all in general were solid with further cellaring potential.  The Cline came in at a close second demonstrating that there is still value with taste.


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