September 12 2006


From Lake Bob


          Our first event for the 06-07 season found two members unable to attend, Tom and Todd. More surprisingly, Joe tendered a temporary resignation. No one really understands what lifestyle changes would affect his decision to continue being a member of such a lovely group, but then who are we to say.

          In honour of our new president, it seemed only fitting to offer a red for our first wine of the year. Although unable to decipher the grape variety, of which there were many (eight total), the overall impression was favorable.

          The next five wines were all from one region, in fact from one vineyard, except good old number three. Its country of origin was a mystery until the unveiling. Bordeaux Bob pulled a fast one on the group by serving up Tignanello 86, 89, 93, and 94. I think every other country that produces wine was mentioned except Italy and Lebanon, and possibly Canada. Nancy made a delicious pear and Stilton pie to accompany our 1985 Grand Cru Vineyards Select Late Harvest Gewurztraminer from Sonoma, California.

          The glasses were emptied, the cheese was eaten, and everyone seemed to depart a little more relaxed then when they arrived.


Schoolhouse Recess Red 2002


Tignanello 1986


Tignanello 1989


Tignanello 1993


Tignanello 1994


Chateau Musar 1993


Grand Cru Vineyards 1985





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