Tuesday Tipplers

October 9, 2007

Host: Newbie Eady


The Tipplers were bagged in by Ken’s neighbour, Stewart Toll.  Comments on the bag pipe were all aimed at some sort of malady happening to a cat.  The evening started with a Lurton Chardonnay from Argentina($13.75) accompanied with smoke salmon all enjoyed during a fine evening on Newbie Eady’s deck. 

The first challenge of the night was to determine which of three glasses containing Yellowtail Shiraz from Australia($12.25) was poured directly from the bottle, frozen, thawed, and poured, and aerated, decanted, and poured.  The Tipplers were in their usual not very fine form.  Congratulations to Tippler Pitman for being the only person to guess all three correctly.

Next on the agenda was to guess from which country each wine originated.  The five wines were; Hecula($15.95), Dona Paula($16.95), Mas Donis($17.95), Rozier Bay($17.95), and Tatone($15.95).  We won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say The Tipplers’ wine tasting abilities were at their usual level of incompetence.  Various cheeses, crackers, and Sylvie’s excellent crab and shrimp dip were enjoyed by all. 

Rozier Bay from South Africa was the overall favourite.

The evening concluded with various berries and fruit soaked in an Ice Wine and Brandy followed with pastry rolls dipped in chocolate.  All was washed down with more Ice Wine and Brandy from Kittling Ridge($19.95).  Some Tipplers sipped a little Scotch for the long journey home.

The grand total for the evening was $188.90.

Thanks to Tippler Tod for staying and help clean up before heading out to Napa Valley for a well deserved vacation. 

Submitted on bended surgically repaired knee by,

Newbie Ken Eady

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