Tuesday Tipplers

September 11, 2007

Dear Noble gents:

    Again, it was my pleasure to start our wine tasting year. All we present except for Cam, Tom and Joe.

    We started the evening with a fruity, sparkling Pinot from France; Bailly La Pierre 2004 at $20.75 I tried to make our premiere tasting as simple as possible. I only asked for a grape variety and country. I'm afraid that the serving of so many Bordeaux over the years has tainted the palates of our esteemed group.

We sampled:

    France              (1)    Albert Bichot          Pinot Noir    N.V.   $18.95

    USA                 (2)    Carneros Creek     Pinot Noir    2005   $29.95

    USA                 (3)    Rodney Strong       Pinot Noir    2005    $24.95

    New Zealand    (4)    Shepherds Ridge    Pinot Noir    2004    $24.95

    New Zealand    (5)    Hunter's (Jane)       Pinot Noir    2006    $22.95

    New Zealand    (6)    Delta Vineyard       Pinot Noir    2005    $21.95

    A Lenz Moser Prestige Trockenbeerenauslese 2004 at $19.95 accompanied our lemon curd tarts made by Nancy 2007 and Mary McLeod Shortbreads, also September 2007, but imported from Toronto.

    Maybe next year I will return to a Bordeaux tasting so as not to confuse our members so greatly. Hope you enjoyed yourselves!

Total fare: $200.15

     Just a coincidence that I owe you $200 for my September dues... Keep the change!!

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