Tuesday Tippler, 12 February 2008 at Flan's


All Members attended save Cam who was out of town. While the members congregated and mourned the loss of Sal, we supped on a pleasant-but-not-universally-appreciated:

    Prosecco (Vino die Poeti, Bottego), Italy $13.30

Flan then launched into a complicated description of how he had picked the red wines with consummate planning: all from his "cellar"; all saved for this "unique" tasting; all "carefully-selected" varietals; all "rare", etc. etc. Unfortunately, Gus spilled the beans to reveal that Flan had actually forgotten that it was his tasting and, in the ensuing emergency, has collected a load of rubbish from his cellar.

Nonetheless all wines were varietals and then the challenge to Tipplers was to identify the grapes. There was a lot of whining and complaining about "too much work", "back to school", "too hard", "asshole Flan" etc. etc. No Tipplers determined all grapes so Flan had to resort to hints: a) countries identified; followed by b) grape eliminations, Given all this additional information, Tod and Keith immediately claimed victory with 4 "correct" identifications in each. All other Tipplers (including the host) were useless with only 1 - 2 correctly identified. The wines were:

    1. Primitivo di Manduria 2004 (Tradizione del Nonno, Pichierri), Italy $23.75

    2. Pinot Noir 2005 (Gulf Station, De Bortoli), Australia $19.80

    3. Syrah 2002 (Fuedo Arancio), Sicily, $11.95

    4. Carignane 1998 (Trentadue) Sonoma, ~ $20.00

    5. Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 (Huntington), Napa ~ $17.00

    6. Merlot 2002, (Oyster Bay), New Zealand ~ $16.00

    7. Malbec 2005 (Clos de los Siete), Argentina, $24.75

    8. Cabernet Sauvignon 1982 (Flan-made Special), Australia $0.50

Surprisingly, wine #8 (made by Flan from concentrate) was drinkable and still  smelled of cherries and leather - very weak on the palate, 'though.' Wine #1 was universallyy despised and most Tipplers preferred either #4 or #5.

The evening closed with a synthetic "cake" helped down with

    Chateau de Monbazillac 2001, France $23.75

    Port (Graham's LBV and KOPKE Ruby), ~ $10.00

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