With the exception of Flan (New York ) and Ben (?? ) there was a full house.


Curiosity had induced the host to try a new product in the form of Crofts Pink Port. On its own exceedingly marginal but tarted up with a measure of Prosecco it became relatively acceptable--- possibly as a summer aperitivo.   At $20 for the port and $15 for the Prosecco perhaps not so acceptable!


There followed an offering of a Pirramimma  Petit Verdot  2007  $25 presented as an example of a grape usually employed as a filler but on this occasion as a single varietal. All were agreed that it was worth further consideration.


The tasting consisted of 3 pairs of wines.


Each pair consisted of two slightly differing examples of the same wine (one opened and decanted three hours prior to its partner).


The first challenge was to identify the pairings.


Keith, Joe and Bob correctly identified the pairs. Todd got one and the others-------


The conclusion was that early opening of these examples did not change the characteristics of the wines significantly; or not significantly enough to confuse all of the Tipplers.


The tasters were asked to pick their 1st and 2nd most liked wines. If the premise noted above was indeed valid then those correctly matching the pairs should have identified a pair of wines.  Ahh--- not so!!    But how so?

?.  Who knows??.


Confused discussion followed with no firm conclusion other than all were agreed that one bottle was corked  which happened to be the mate of the best liked wine.


The positive outcome was that 6 of the  PIEDRA  should  be acquired for the cellar.


The wines were:







Two bottles of Lenz Moser Trokenbeerenauslese  $26  accompanied desert a la Lorna.


Those of a stronger constitution indulged themselves, courtesy of the casa, in a 1983 Vintage Hutcheson Port surprisingly soft and much more characteristic of an old Tawny rather than a vintage .


And so it ended with at least 6 bottles of the PIEDRA  approved for the cellar.


Cost :  $ 340.

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