Tuesday Tipplers @ Flan’s                                          13 September, 2016


Cellarworthy Wines??


The first Tipplers’ meeting of Señor Porto’s new reign, met at Flan’s with almost complete attendance of the group.  Only The Kiel was absent, he preferring a screech tasting in Newfoundland!  Three (I think) items of business were discussed: 1) President Gus queried the group on having our annual dinner on a Friday instead of Saturday.  He received a sympathetic hearing as booking restaurants on Sat is difficult; 2) members were reminded that the club was a “tasting” group rather than a “drinking” group.  This is becoming increasingly important as we now have 12 members and a bottle will not go all the way around if some (un)worthies persist in pouring a large portion for themselves!!  3) Finally, President Gus pointed out that our fees have not changed in some time - $200 twice a year – and asked if there was a will to increase?  The answer was NO!    During this business portion the group tasted:


2015 Chablis (Moreau & Fils), Vintages #466144, $21.95

2014 Cave de Beblenheim Riesling Réserve (Alsace), Vintages #446435, $15.95


The consensus seemed to be that neither of these offerings were worthy of purchasing for the cellar although the Riesling was preferred to the Chablis.


A piece of The Tippers’ history came next.  Around 1988, Member Frank Heizer (now RIP), donated a bottle of the “black wine of Cahors” (Château St Didier-Parnac 1985) to Flan.  The wine was encased in a cast iron tube à la “The Black Knight” for protection (from Flan??) – see pic!  With some difficulty (and an angle grinder), Flan managed to release the wine for tasting.  Despite being carefully cellared by the fire and in Flan’s hall closet, the wine was quite drinkable – lots of remaining fruit and quite barnyardy.


Next the group moved to the main event.  The following 6 wines were tasted prefaced with the question: “Could / should (any of) these wines be in a Tipplers Dinner?”  The usual pleading came from the stunned members: Are these Old / New World?  What ages?  How much? The tasters were eventually told: “2 Italians, 2 French, 1 Spanish and 1 Portuguese. All were different grapes: 2 varietals and 4 blends.

1.      2014 Mercurey (Faiveley), Vintages #341925, $29.95

(Burgundy, 100% Pinot Noir)

2.      2011 Montefalco Rosso Riserva (Villa Mora), Vintages #357079, $19.95

(Umbria, blend of Sangiovese, Merlot, Cab Sauvignon, Sagrantino)

3.      2014 Tessellae Old Vines (GSM), Vintages #343517, $18.95

(Roussillon, blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre)

4.      2008 Quinta de São João (Tejo), Vintages #441154, $22.25

(Tejo, blend of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz)

5.      2012 Barbaresco (Castello de Neive), LCBO #160143, $23.20

(Piedmont, 100% Nebbiolo)

6.      2011 Rioja Reserva (Marqués de Riscal, LCBO #32656, $24.75

(Rioja, blend >90% Tempranillo)


After careful instruction by Flan as to how 1-6 preference ranking works (lower numbers are better!), the members recorded their preference for the six wines.  The results (averages in parentheses) were:

6 (3.5) > 2 (5.0) > 4 (5.2) > 1 (6.3) >3 (7.5) = 5 (7.5)

Wine #6 (standby Rioja from LCBO) was the overwhelming favourite with 7/11 Tipplers voting it their number 1 wine!


The conclusion was that NONE of these wines merited purchasing for the Tippers cellar!


For closing, Flan served a peach tart with the following two wines:


2012 Barsac (Ch Doisy Daëne), Vintages #389627, $39.85

Banyuls Reserva (Domaine La Tour Vieille, Vintages #422626, $29.95


Members were underwhelmed by the Sauternes but it was agreed to purchase some of the Banyuls for the cellar.



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