Tuesday Tipples

December 12, 2017

98 Tetherwood Blvd


For my first time, I was given the privilege of hosting the December year end holiday tasting. All Tipplers were present but for Bordeaux Bob who alas was going to miss an all Bordeaux wine tasting. Once again recall on the evening is rather weak, however I will do my best to recall and try to dissect my rather messing and scribbled notes.


I believe the theme as based around the following guidance:


All of the wines come from one country


The challenge


Old World or New World


Country _______________


Region ________________


Favorite wine ______________


The wines tasted were as follows:


Opening 2005 Vintage Telmont Champagne $74.95


1. 2009 Chateuu Lagrange (St Julien) $97.95

2. 2008 Melka St Emillion Grand Cru Metisse Le Chatelet $31.95

3. 2010 Chateau Beaumont $29.95

4. 2012 Chateau Tour de Pez $32.95

5. 2009 Chateau Tour Pibran $ 44.95

6. 2010 Chateux Dufort $74.95


Dessert followed with 2002 Chateau d"Yquem - Christmas Gift. 


I have no notes or recollection of what the favorite wines were but I do believe we had consensus that the wines were from Bordeaux.  There was food served and a dessert, no F'n idea what the hell the food was but as no one contacted me over the holidays complaining of food poisoning, I am assuming it was ok.

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