The Tuesday Tipplers

 Tuesday Tipplers @ Forster - May 9, 2017

There were three whites and three reds. The whites derived from one varietal. The reds derived from one varietal. Each of the white wine came from a different country. Each of the redwines came from a different country. Each of the whites came from the same year. Each of the reds was a different year. People did their best to identify each wine under each category.

This tasting went to show how different the same grape can taste in the hands of different winemakers in different regions. Much puzzlement was expressed as to the varietals of the wines being tasted. Alan perceived one of the whites to be a Semillon (the Australian one, naturally); everyone else failed miserably. Joe struggled, but nobly chose Nebbiolo for the red, while others trod far afield, going so far as to choose Cab Sauvignons and other powerful reds. Nebbiolo could only come from the Piedmont after all ...

Total cost: $300.85


Grape        Country   Year      Price

1. Semillon Canada     2014     $22

Lake Breeze Okanagan, BC

2. Semillon Mexico   2014        $20

TOITe de Tierra Dolores Hidalgo Guanajuato

3. Semillon Australia 2014       $24

Cockfighter's Ghost Hunter Valley


Grape        County      Year      Price

4. Nebbiolo Mexico     2013     $35

 Dolores Hidalgo Guanajuato

5. Nebbiolo Canada     2009 $45

Ridgepoint Wines N"lAgara

6. Nebbiolo       Italy    1998    $75.

Cordero di Montezcmolo La Mora

7. Bubbly    Canada   2016      $29.95

Henry of Pelham,Cuvee Catherine

8. Indian Summer Riesling Cave Srpings   Canada 2014    $49.90


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