September 11, 2018

Bordeaux Bob 

Good Evening Gents,


            Welcome again to another Tippler’s Tasting Season. As usual, I will kick off the year’s festivities. Unfortunately we were missing Ben, Joe, Allan, and Bill, all for somewhat believable reasons. It was a pleasure to welcome Keith back after his sabbatical and we all wish him continued good health.


            I was given the task of cleaning up the leftovers/odd bins of the virtual cellar. I was able to gather a collection to test the members. I supplied the names of the wines and asked that they be matched with the corresponding numbers on the carafes. Not a lot of success followed. The best part of the night was the lack of a price, everything came from within.



To start I served:


Pol Roger non-vintage

Paul Zinck


For the mains I served:


2006 Domaine Joseph Voullot

1999 Montefalco Reserva

2005 Daniel Lenko

2005 Clos St. Jean

2006 Wynn’s Estate

2008 Ben Marco Malbec


For dessert I served:


2006 Lily Pilly

2012 Lenz Moser Trockenbeerenauslese


The wines ….. $0.00

The evening …. Priceless!


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