Auberge du Petit Prince

Tipplers 2nd Annual Dinner

Friday June 2nd 1989




Buckwheat Blinis with Sour Cream

Diane du Poitiers


* * * 


Spicy Tomato Soup with Créme Fraîche Quenelles

Josephine Dosé


* * * 


Sauté of Georgian Bay Catfish on a Bed of Steamed Spinach and Salsa

Gustave Lorentz Tokay Pinot Gris 1985


 * * *


Petit Ragout of Sweetbreads and Lobster

Domiane de la Genestiére Lirac 1983


 * * *


Loin of Venison Roasted and served with Parisienne Potatoes, Asparagus,

Julienne of Spring Vegetable and a Zinfandel Butter Sauce

Nalle Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 1986


* * * 


Nest of Baby Lettuces


* * * 


Gratinée of Fruits with a Sabayon Mauseline with Setúbol

Domaine de Cayeux Muscat de Beaumes de Venise 1985


* * * 


Roquefort Gaugirè with Grapes 

Porto  Barras 1963


* * * 


Tea Coffee and Petit Fours


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