Famous or Infamous Tippler Quotes


"Thought by one wag to be an "over the hill" claret, pleasant nose, "not New World", tasted like rusty nails."

                January 12, 1988, Author unknown, describing an Italian wine "Ghemme Francoli"


"revolting bitterness", "diet wine", "Marechal Foch?"

                January 10, 1989, Author'(s) unknown, describing a 1979 Castelgreve Classico Riserva


"Initial offering was an insipid liquid of pale yellow"

                December 11, 1990, Heizer, describing a 1974 Rose Petal Wine


"Yeasty nose of Northern Italian Pizza Oven"

                March 19, 1991, Lee, describing a 1989 Barbena del Monferrate


"I don't think I like Pinot Noir"

                November 12, 1991, Author unknown, describing the evenings tasting of burgundy


"I have been procrastinating with my set of minutes, not because I am lazy or negligent, I just assumed it was expected practice. Besides, I didn't keep any notes on the tasting. Having not seen very many minutes, I'm pleading the fifth. I did however keep a record of the wines consumed"


"Judging the amount of wine left for breakfast I can safely say the evening was a success"

                May 11, 1993, Author unknown


"No minutes provided"

                June 11, 1996, Lobb


"Tipplers are mostly incredibly cheap; most acceptable and exceptional wines are incredibly over-priced, and; most inexpensive wines are incredibly undrinkable."

                January 14, 1997, Heizer


""Lord Abbott and Batson be impeached for gross dereliction of duty with respect to the February meeting"

                March 11, 1997, Flan, (not always the same people but repeated many times before and since and duly noted this one time!)


"Naughty nose of knickers, giving rise to a languid aroma of weathered leather.  Tasty tannins guarantee a bottle belligerence sustainable into the next century.  Full-bodied and adequately approachable, have it now just in case it doesn’t last.  ’96 or ’69, either way a buy."

                 October 14, 2003, Anderson, describing a 1996 Barbaresco Pajé Riserva

"White, new world, Gewürztraminer"

                June 15, 2004, Anderson during a blind tasting, describing a red, German, "Pfalz" wine

"I am sure you all understand how difficult it was for me to convince the staid Sunningdale Club to host such a disreputable group.  So you will appreciate that everything is on the line: my membership (of Sunningdale, not Tipplers!), my long record of dedicated club duty on Board of Governers, Golf Committee, House Committee, Etiquette Committee, Rules Committee, Handicap Committee etc etc.  And, of course, my untarnished good name and reputation.
So abandon all plans to abuse each other (or me), throw buns, shout expletives or, horrors, fall down from 'the drink' and have to be carried away!
Your President
"My existence is only justified by the pleasure I give others"
                February 15, 2007, Flan notifying membership of the annual dinner

“Whatever became of ……”

(with apologies to Noel Coward)

Whatever became of Ross Batson?
He’s been absent for more than a year.
Is it true Tony Abbott has donned monkish habit
And lives in the Vale of Kashmir?
Have you had fresh instruction
Of that chap in construction,
Was his name Aleck Harasym?
He was working in London, or perhaps not at all
He got terribly tight at a Hunt Club ball
And wrote several four-letter words on the wall.
I wonder what happened to him!

Whatever became of Steve Eakins?
Is it true that Trevor Lobb was cashiered
For riding quite nude on a push-bike through South Street
The day that his Chairman appeared?
Have we heard quite the last
Of that chap who passed gas,
I think he was known as Lee?
They had him thrown out of the club in Bombay
For, apart from his mess bill exceeding his pay,
He took to pig-sticking in quite the wrong way.
I wonder what happened to him!

Whatever became of Ron Holliday?
Have you heard any word of John Black
Who ruptured himself at the end of a chukka
And spent the next month on his back?
They say that Frank Heizer
Is not any wiser
And his hopes of promotion are slim.
According to news received from his spouse,
The silly old blighter went out on a souse,
And took two old tarts into Government House.
I wonder what happened to him!

Whatever became of Fontana?
I hear that he got back from France
And frightened three nuns in a train in Montana
By stripping and waving his lance!
Do you remember John Mansfield,
Who played in the outfield?
He was tallish and seemed slightly dim.
The talk of heredity can't be quite true,
He was dropped on his head by his nanny at two,
I presume that by now he'll have reached G.H.Q.
I'm sure that's what happened to him!

                June 1, 2007, Presidential acceptance speech given by Finnie


No. 7 wine, although the most expensive (and available from LCBO) wine was noted by on Tippler " to be used on wounds"!

    Describing a  2005 Barbaresco Asij (Ceretto), Piedmont, $52.95

            January 13, 2008 author unknown


"K-Y Jelly, I don't remember what that is?  Something you  put on toast?"        

            October 9 2018 - General discussion about K-Y Jelly , because we knew nothing about the wines so......Tom Nanasi chirps in